Lean Start-up Machine Coming To Lagos

Lean Start-Up Lagos

Lean Start-up Machine is coming to Lagos Nigeria to work with Nigerian entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

Using the Lean Startup Model developed by Eric Reis which promotes failing fast and testing businesses before spending precious time coding or creating products, Nigerian start-ups can road test their ideas fast.

Open to all innovators building something
The event is targeted at start-ups, founders, entrepreneurs, product developers, app developers or anyone who’s looking forward to building something that people want and will use, as the platform offers the opportunity to do this without wasting time and money.

Huge global impact already
The Lean Start-up Machine has so far impacted the business life of more than 25,000 entrepreneurs and that experience is coming to Lagos very soon, and it’s starting with a 3-day hands-on workshop to put entrepreneurs through the Lean Start-up methodologies.

3-Day workshop
During the 3-day workshop, participating entrepreneurs would have access to valuable framework of tools, techniques and resources designed to help early-stage companies, start-ups and business recognise key customers and iterate their products quickly. So, rather than a company fails (on a large scale) after months or years of investing in an idea, this workshop will help ideas fail fast in 3 days and refocus (pivot) as required, saving lots of pain along the way!

How can Appsafrica.com help us get in?
This event is currently in pre-launch mode, follow Appsafrica for latest updates, details of the workshop, including dates and the full schedule as it happens. Appsafrica.com will be giving out 2 free tickets to the event, so sign up now via this link for a chance to win. This will be a paid event so don’t delay register now for chance to get in for free!



  1. […] teach entrepreneurs and innovators to start their own companies using the Lean Startup methodology. Appsafrica.com is a proud media partner of the LSM event in Lagos and we are looking forward to reporting on the future success […]

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