MWC: Fully charged phones in just 15 minutes

oppo - supervooc

Oppo the chinese manufacturer launched it’s rapid phone charging solution ‘Super VOOC Flash Charge’ at MWC this week and means Oppo’s new devices will be fully charged in just a quarter of an hour, while five minutes at the plug provides ten hours of talk time.

That 15 minute estimate is based on a 2500mAh battery, which is standard for a 5-inch device. And according to Oppo it works with standard micro USB as well as the new Type-C variety which can be found on recent phones like the Nexus 6P.

Fast charging tech is a massive deal these days, but there are two pretty major concerns. First is the worry that the battery might overheat during charging, but Oppo’s Super VOOC solution uses a low voltage (5V) pulse charge to prevent any temperature leaps pro-longing battery life.

Unfortunately Oppo doesn’t plan to release the Super VOOC tech to other mobile manufacturers, so it will only appear on Oppo’s own handsets giving a distinct advantage over competitors who are playing catch up and finally addressing one of the biggest issues faced by mobile consumers globally.